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Actual Disruption Webinar Series


Breezio CEO Ben Muscolino, along Jake Toohey and Joe Post from Adage Technologies, have teamed up to bring you a webinar series  about technological "disruptions" during COVID-19. 

They discuss a wide range of topics from virtual conferencing to artificial intelligence with tech leaders in several industries. After filling out this form, we will send you an email giving you access to Season 1 of the Actual Disruption Webinars!

Some Topics Discussed:

  • Panic, Toothpaste, and Toilet Paper

  • The Future of Live Events

  • Members are using the LMS, right? But how?

    and more!

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What's Inside?

  • Free access to our extensive webinar series with in-depth conversations on how "actual disruptions" have impacted the digital space
  • An exclusive link to our online webinar portal  so that you can learn from industry leaders

  • Access  and links to resources that will further your understanding of the impact COVID-19 has had to online businesses