Essentials Package Demo

Our Essentials Package is our entry-level subscription offering that reduces cost without sacrificing functionality.

During a demo we will talk through:

  • What comes with our Essentials Package
  • What the integration with your AMS/CRM can look like
  • A review of Breezio's unique features that would be offered with the Essentials Package

Step 1:
Tell us about yourself!

Make Your Online Community More Than Just a Pit-Stop

Turn your community into a destination your members can't be without. Engage members beyond your yearly conference or quarterly meeting.


In this ebook, you will learn...

  • 8 Strategies for Creating a High-Volume Online Member Community 
  • How to Increase Engagement and Collaboration Around your Association's Content 
  • How to Get More Members to Participate in your Association's Online Community
  • 3 Features to Increase Member Engagement at your Association
Karen McCord.jpg

Meet the Author: Karen McCord 

Karen McCord’s experience includes strategic planning and management of technical and financial projects associated with disease prevention in the developing world. She has broad operational and international experience in non-profit and for-profit entities. She is in the Mindshare Class of 2017, a 2017 Humble VC Spring Cohort member, presented at TechBuzz in Fall 2016, and a Great Eight finalist in the Startup Maryland contest in 2015. 

Previously, Karen won the “Make it Matter Challenge”, an innovation contest sponsored by LinkedIn and the Taproot Foundation, aimed at securing ideas to connect nonprofits to quality pro bono resources.