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Non-Profits & Associations

Our focus at Breezio is to bring the online communities of membership associations up to speed with the world around them. As a result, over 90% of our clients are non-profits and associations!

With over 35 years of combined experience in the association tech space across our executives, you can be sure your community will be built with your organization's best interests in mind!

Learn How We Can Build a Community for Your Association

Can Your Community Do This?

Bring conversations to life with live presence

Give members a chance to interact with each other in real-time and make your site feel less like a still webpage and more like a community.

Facilitate social learning by creating more than discussions

Easily import documents, videos, blogs/articles, podcasts, and more, making your community not just a place for conversations and questions, but a place where members can learn, engage, and connect with each other!

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Capture the conversations around your content

All content types have the ability to start conversations so members will be able to share ideas and provide feedback on conversations and resources easily.

Seamless Single Sign-On and data integration with your AMS/CRM

A vast majority of our clients run sites that are integrated with their Association Management System (AMS) and we have experience integrating with most of the mainstream systems in the market. Integrations make managing your community easier and help your community feel more built-in to your existing tech stack. Want to know if we have experience with your AMS/CRM? Click here and ask us!

Interact with your community through email

Not all members have the time or ability to navigate to your community, which is why we've built the ability for members to receive notifications of new posts and respond to them right from their inboxes.

Generate new streams of revenue

Use your community to serve ads, sell sponsorships, and find new sources of revenue for your association.


Breezio has been an excellent platform for the members of our association to connect, network, and share ideas. As a photography trade association, Breezio has also been great for allowing our members to easily share images and form connections based on their specific photography specialties. Breezio provides us with a user experience that is intuitive and accessible for our members to navigate. The support team is always helpful in any questions or concerns we have regarding the platform, and I would highly recommend Breezio for online community.

Melody Confer - PPA

Melody​ Confer

Member Experience Coordinator - PPA

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